Choosing a wedding theme and style

Sit down with your partner to determine the style of the wedding. Reach an agreement the place and style. It can be a traditional wedding or an informal ceremony on the beach but both should be happy with the idea

Wedding planners

Interview at least three wedding planners. Ask them for references and budget.

Investigates professionals

Remember that you'll need videographer, photographer, DJ and musical groups playing and encourage the party.


• Florist, Decoration and Tablecloths

• Wedding Planner

• Rent Furniture

• Corporate Assembly

• Sound, Design and Lighting

• Platforms and Dance Floors

Because we're your best choice

Our company has an experience of over 10 years in the wedding planning, coordination of groups in segmentation destination weddings.
We prioritize every detail of your event, freshness and color describe our florist segment, which are presented in luxurious decorative structures according to international trends.

We have great variety of chairs, tables, tablecloths, cutlery, adapting to your style and budget, we Tracks Led, Starlish White, Starlish RGB and Wood Parquet with sizes ranging from 12x12 to 32x32.

Live music, DJs, with intelligent high-tech equipment. Signboards and curtains RGB LED

Let us be the strategic partner of the company for its sales conventions, product launches, award ceremonies, parties, etc.